Are you working on content or editing

In fact,

content editing basically is what we call the new media operation, and now the vast majority of college students or transfer operation buddy, the first contact work basically is the new media editor.

new media editing work basically is the content of the authorization, reprint, editing, the push and so on some basic work, and some platforms may require editing need writing thick, because some of you need to create the platform personally, this is a requirement of the platform editing is relatively high.


content operation relative content editing, is a deeper level, because the contents of operation, basic skills will not only edit, also need to have the overall capacity, mainly for the content of planning, planning activities, and the data mining, also is what we call data driven content operation!

if you have a vague understanding of the two, I suggest you go to the Internet recruitment website to see the recruitment requirements for content operations and content editors.

content operations: co-ordination, data, planning,

content editor: editing, interaction, implementation of

How does

understand these words?

1, overall planning and editing,

from the principle of distinction: content operation refers to through the creation, editing, organization, presentation of the content of the site, fundamentally able to play the role of customer adhesion, and is responsible for online and offline sales, operation and control. In fact, it can also be defined as the content planning, content creation, content editing, content publishing, content optimization, etc. based on the content of the product, which is an ability to co-ordinate the content.

and the main work content editor is responsible for editing and typesetting and the content of the website and related materials collection, writing and publishing work. Content editor is a popular career in recent years, mainly from the traditional media development, editing work in the PC era is mostly simple, mainly for editing and cataloging

2, data and interaction,

in the new media operation of this piece, in addition to the editor responsible for content, but also on the content of the presentation to the user to bring the effect of charge, otherwise you produce a lot of content lead users can not resonate in vain, this is our editor’s job is to include the interaction of user.


entered the industry before me, I actually do the job is a job as an editor, I every day to produce content, but also interact with the user, the user as much as possible to stay in the content on the page, the contents of PV, UV is responsible for.

and content operation is mainly for these data mining, such as today’s total daily living users, each page of UV, PV and page click rate, including the user’s length of stay, etc., we all need to statistics out. At that time, for example, when we were editors, our product operations went through analysis of big data in the background >