Breakdown webmaster do station should avoid five taboo minefield

said that although we do stand webmaster more and more, do stand is no longer has the specialized technical expertise of IT talent patent, more grassroots webmaster to do stand as entrepreneurial ways to join the queue, but we can not ignore the complexity of the current Chinese Internet environment, in order to the current through the Internet Chinese station do succeed, we must have a clear understanding of the current "rules of the game", so as to do stand in the process to make policy may lead to the failure of objectivity, dangerous station understand, to prevent the occurrence of unnecessary casualties".

in the potential danger of these elements of objectivity, if by category is related to the specific field, but there is a constant conflict and is the core of regulation and relevant provisions, so if the crime against the wind, it may cause is regulated directly off the site to fail, and if this is not careful, either naturally or half unconsciously do stand in the process because of the interests, choose this kind website theme, is said to his master Lu was overshadowed at any time because these may lead to "hard" objective factors lead to hard work pass, empty the doing, so owners should have enough understanding and grasp.

minefield 1: political topic

needless to say, this kind of topic for the website are often the most vulnerable to pressure, and most likely related to this topic is not political commentary and political and military sites, so for individual owners to do this kind of site will not be too wise, if you can have the other the theme of the website category choice, so I suggest to choose other subjects, but don’t challenge yourself, challenge all kinds of unpredictable difficulties, so as a webmaster, just get some benefits through the establishment of the words, there is no need to go to the non busy join in, other industry station can make money, but can effectively avoid some dangerous such sites hidden in advance, not fall into the site was shut down at any time point.

minefield two: Film Copyright theme

because the rich video resources, as well as the needs of the film just listed users especially warm, this market is very big, therefore there are many causes of this kind of subject web site, and the market for countless stationmaster offer lucrative opportunities, so there is some fortune a few. However, compared to the current situation and before it is virtually no small change occurred, with the improvement of our national policies, especially the need of some image of China in the world change, the copyright for the importance of efforts will be enhanced to a hitherto unknown height, in this context, the future of the Internet special action is likely to focus in this field, for the owners concerned may suffer unnecessary losses because of improper selection, so for the new owners to join the first television station, the risk has undoubtedly improved, the need to carefully consider the topic before.