How to quickly catch the writing points of original articles

Xiaobian believe a lot of friends in the website optimization, the daily work is essential to update the article, how to write effective articles, helpful to users of the article is to let a lot of friends feel headache. Some of the industry is not too familiar with friends often put all sorts of things together a bunch of articles, and the original article is to let people feel very difficult to write, so how to quickly write original articles, the following small for everyone to analyze from several aspects.

1, useful articles for users, is a good original

original article first to have a certain effect on the user, although the article does think it is original, but the user does not have what use, and no substantive promotion to the website, so first consider one of the points of the original article is useful to the user. So what kind of users love the articles, which need to be familiar with the industry, some industry experience is the best, so this is not recommended. The small outsourcing reasons, because although some people write very well, but the industry is not familiar with, write out the original article may not conform to the user taste. If every industry experience how to do it, we can through the search engine to find the needs of users, of course, this approach is not necessarily right, because on the Internet there are actually a lot of user demand keywords is out of the brush is optimized, so a selected.

2, can’t find the original topic, what should I do,


often write original articles will always be friends when a topic is exhausted, which is also called into a bottleneck, this phenomenon is particularly serious in small industries, so some website update is very slow and could not find the topic has certain relation to writing. This time we need to extend the ideas, such as we can combine to write news content, combined with hot contact content, combined with the company to write the content, can even communicate with salesman, write some stories in the case of sales etc..

3, pieced together the original article, how is good


logically patchwork article does not necessarily count the original article, because after all, is the small but put all sorts of things together, I think that as long as the piece is useful to the user that is useful to the original article. We all know that in the Internet, many articles are not comprehensive, may be a point to be divided into several articles to explain, then through the integration of resources. These articles were collected, may be more popular with users, because everyone has read the habit, you put the finishing well, divided into several pieces of good effect to the user more than put an article.

4, how long is the original article for


for the original article for some long, and there is no unified view, although the general article of words is very suitable in 800 words, that is to consider the user’s reading habits can read 800 words do not want to go on reading. And some good articles, Xiao Bian believes that many users are willing to read down, so the word count is not much