How the website moves, Robin Li has already thought for you

mobile Internet is the trend, this point of view to this time this day, I believe we all doubt. Because the popularity of Android systems, the cost of buying a smart phone is getting lower and lower, and even cheaper to spend about 200-300 yuan, you can buy a Android mobile phone. Or do a telecom or mobile broadband service to send you a good Android phone.

mobile Internet has become mainstream trend

feels that after some time, the market may not have ordinary mobile phone to sell, Android smartphone is the lowest configuration. With the popularity of smartphones such as Android, that is, a small tablet PC for people, more and more people will be accustomed to using mobile phones.

may also find that their friends on the QQ or QQ group friends, most people are mobile QQ online, more than WEB login trend, or already exceeded. Now the pace of life is too fast, using the computer Internet access is too vulnerable to some rigid restrictions, so mobile Internet access has become the choice of most people. And if we do the webmaster site, or can only meet the web access users, then when the mobile phone users access, will greatly affect the user experience and conversion rate. Therefore, let the website move, is the general trend.

as shown in the diagram, at random open a place to communicate QQ group, which online basically 70% is mobile phone online


We may

webmaster as Internet workers, because of work requirements, work time are still beside the computer, but most of the industry of ordinary people, especially not working with the computer, usually are in the habit of using mobile phone internet. This also led to the difficulty of our promotion, assuming that I made a local website, only the WEB version. And then the promotion in the local QQ group, but there is much mobile phone online, even if the inside of the mobile phone users access to the site, because the WEB version is the support of the computer screen, small screen mobile phone access interface is not beautiful, but also the consumption of natural flow, it is difficult to produce a good conversion rate of users, mobile phone users may not fully open the website, immediately turn off the page.

webmaster mobility dilemma,

believes that many webmasters have headaches, and they also want to move their websites, but because of technical or financial reasons, the delay has not been achieved. And now the mobile Internet traffic is very large, I know a lot of sites specializing in mobile version to cater to Baidu, every day from Baidu mobile terminal traffic from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of.

can move websites in the early stage, most of them are large and medium-sized websites with a certain strength, and most of the small and medium-sized websites still fail to realize. Even though some web apps offer WAP versions, they don’t really cater to Baidu, and they don’t bring much access to the mobile terminal.

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