Cao Cao how does the group buying website operate

              one, the website is professional enough, product information is rich enough.

when a group purchase website can put on the market when the group purchase website brand friends, even a small nail can be smoothly found when customers buy building materials, the first to go to the mall building is certainly not, group purchase network. He doesn’t have to buy it, but he’s sure to come and see all the information. At the same time, the Internet has many potential customers, suppliers will certainly not miss this opportunity, every day on the website of product maintenance and speculation, forming a virtuous circle. With customers, to attract businesses; with businesses for product maintenance, web content is more rich, will attract more customers. At this time, the site will be very lively, professional content is also rich enough.

two, website management concept.

The basic concept of

website is service, and the service of group buying website is more obvious. The boss serves the employees, the employees serve the suppliers, and the suppliers serve our members. In turn, members develop services for our website. Start with low threshold to attract manufacturers come in, to help manufacturers of the brand image and propaganda, at the same time can bring order for them, they will give our customers better service and provide more preferential prices. Successful buy Group website should be client, manufacturer and group buying website itself three parties benefit.

three, website services.

before and some webmaster friends when joking, said: "now the website is human traffickers, who hands more people will get the upper hand," buy site is more like this. Suppliers may not have this sense of service, because their purpose is to go single to make money, so the service is the most popular website can not be ignored. The website has people, and the next is to make these people more comfortable, how to provide better service for them.

net friend group buying, what is the purpose? Is to save money, this is the basic buy. Special mouth is genuine, do not mix the least bit of water; the price is really cheap when going.

building materials group purchase can be popular, because people do not understand the one at a time in the industry, but also must be a short time spending a small cost, group purchase for their solution to this concern, one is able to save money, the two is to save time, three rest assured, after all, there are so many people to buy together, and the organizers of the control group purchase.

, after all, is not enough to understand the buying industry and illustrates the services required by the site, which can be extended.

provides some of the necessary little information, gadgets. For example, a query can almanac on the website of the tool, so users can check what to do for today, not for what to do. If necessary, you can also invite some "experts" (personally do not believe this, but users need), to explain some Feng Shui and so on knowledge, >