From the farmer to the stationmaster the things ‘ve been through

I was born in a peasant family, parents are illiterate, a village of literacy is not much, here is very poor, a school is only halfway up the broken houses, only one school teacher, heard that his grandfather used to be a tree. I read in the hillside to grade 5, the annual tuition fee is parents kept for a year if the egg, egg is not enough, the parents just killed the pig, in particular pay or meat I do not remember, the only impression is every time to pay tuition for parents and teachers have become. Poor.

later we here to build a hope primary school, and from the ravine opened a gravel road to the town, we also got several Village town teacher. I hope primary school read 6 grade, because learning has been very serious, performance has been good, the teacher recommended me to go to school in the town of junior high school, but the family is really difficult, the tuition is too high a burden for our family, my father didn’t agree to go to school, because I was the eldest child in the family and I have a sister and a brother, he wanted me to help do farm work, reduce the burden of the family. But I really want to go to school, the class teacher took me to visit the town of junior high school, I envy those children in town, carrying bags every day, all the way laughing and talking, but I have to listen to my father.

I think I will always follow father after facing the Loess back into the air days, did not expect that one day the teacher came to our house, he told his parents talked for a long time, then the second day I was taken to the town school teacher, the teacher helped me arrange accommodation, help me bring the book, then the I said, since I was a student of this school, let me study hard, later admitted to a good school for. I didn’t know what was going on, but I knew I had learned and couldn’t help myself. Then I realized that the head teacher helped me get the grant and the tuition was free.

two days later, the class teacher from our village hope primary school back to town to teach, just took my class teacher. Under the care of the head teacher, I completed my junior high school study, and got the key high school in the city with the first place in the whole town. I took the card back home, the mother cried and said: my child, you really have ambition, we must be out of the broken ravine, do find a good thing in the city, to the time we are connected to the past! I cried and nodded, secretly determined will not return to this one breaking the ravine.

‘s hope is a good thing, the reality is cruel, because agriculture accounts, high school must pay 2 thousand tuition, the teacher went to town looking for high school leadership, but no. 2 thousand ah, farming at home for a year without food or drink can not earn so much, but because the teacher tried to persuade his father to bite, bite, borrow money from relatives, and then put the pig and cattle are sold, finally reached the first year of tuition and fees. Then my parents went to the city to help me pay my tuition. When my mother left, she pulled me and said, "you have to try and live up to your expectations. Our family is counting on you.". Father >