How does content maintain user relations, content ask a website to gain profit



[editor’s note] this article is adapted from Sina Technology, with author Wu Wei and Tony mae.

what is a content question and answer website? That is, the web site is primarily for the purpose of getting useful answers and solving your own problems (or helping people who need answers). Although there is no mature profit model, but this type of Q & a website entrepreneurs enthusiasm unabated. Foreign Quora, domestic knowledge and K2, including the original author of the "enterprise Q & a" emerge in an endless stream. This type of website can neither see ads nor see commercial marks on the scale, then how do they profit?

profit base: quality content to maintain stable user relations

mobile Internet entrepreneurs like to emphasize a point: before you find the profit model, concentrate on the product, and make the user do it.

for content question and answer websites, the quality of the content is the most important. Content based web sites are popular because they are of high quality and have little to do with the identity, status, gender, and popularity of people who create content. The answer is the quality of the lifeline, good content, through recommendation, bad content click off. Maintain quality content, let users because I am "XX Q & a" and produce a sense of honor, forming a user system.

, however, strict quality requirements reduce the user’s level of activity. This is why we know that K2 can only be welcomed in a certain category. If it lets go of its own demands, it will become a forum again. The profitability of the forum is known to all.

"making a distinctive product can cost you some users, and a product that doesn’t feature will make you lose all users."."


profit potential


also do their own quiz website, but the original author is not aware of what they clear way of profit, but even if I do not know what is "yes", but also know what is "no":

don’t pay for reading. Say a little taller, this does not meet the Internet’s free spirit; to say that the reality is that, at least in the Chinese market, selling content is a countless martyrs verified dead end.

don’t easily try out virtual images or interactive gifts, because it will make your website a relationship. In this transformation process, you will be in a period of time to content, no relationship, no relationship, no profit, no profit embarrassing situation.

"enterprise Q & a" tried a offline entity charging model, they tried to gather with entrepreneurs coffee bars, bars, regular lectures, Sharon and other activities, the results were good. Explore the line to provide users with the enjoyment of the service model is inside