Discussion on user login interface optimization of mobile terminal

is now on the market of mobile Internet applications basically require the user login operation can use the service and function more, so the mobile client login interface plays an important role in the visitors into the target customers. Then, the mobile end user login interface what more attract the user’s attention? In the end we tend to PC page flow through the statistical tools of some website tracking to determine the rate of the page out, in the mobile terminal, the following aspects are friendly user login interface needs to have the.

first, clear and concise login interface. Whether the PC or mobile terminal user login entrance should be designed to be clear and concise, it is the demand of users is the requirements of product design, the login interface function is to guide the user to the login interface, once the redundant cumbersome login interface, a lot of people see the interference of irrelevant information means may be fast out of the login page, even more sensitive to network security users will think this will not be the entrance to a fishing net.

second, do not introduce ads to the login page. Bring users to the landing page instead of the advertising page. On the PC side, many website applications like to add advertising links on the login page, use the user’s login page errors, click and so on to enhance the click of the Internet advertising, so as to obtain more advertising profits. But in fact, the mobile end user login interface itself is minimal if the display area, plus advertising, users will login even the operating areas are not, then the user login interface is no longer a login interface, but the entrance of a rogue advertising.

third, friendly page response interaction. Page response refers to the mobile terminal network access speed and interface information is limited, should be from the perspective of the user experience, the use of some transition visual effect and guiding mode to enhance the user experience. For example, as the animation transition using dynamic effect in the interface has not finished loading conditions, in the process of click the login button in the use of the progress bar is loaded, even can add sound effects in response to reduce user waiting time for response of dry feeling.

fourth allows users to easily access the mobile login interface. Convenient access here refers to the entrance and access interface is easy to use, that is to say in the mobile terminal user login interface should support more access to the entrance, such as App, a different browser login login entrance entrance, because in the current or part of the application of mobile terminal based on the browser, and the user browser development in the mobile terminal would cost less than the cost of developing App. Of course, the login interface is for all users, the design should be as simple as possible in the login screen, it is best to see each user login to complete in the two or three step, if there are too many fields to fill in the login screen, there is too much information to verify, once the user can not stand do not use again.

fifth, upgrade guest >