Jiang Likun share some of the experiences of local stations

recently a friend asked me to update the blog, mainly is the last month is too busy, really do find it tiring training, recently throat broken, but fortunately, at the end of this phase of the training work, so today) recently updated resume: local station hot, like Kang Sheng, PHPWIND and other manufacturers, also in support of local website, so today to talk about the topic of some local station. As this piece of content is more, so today, first pick a few key issues to chat.

Advantages and prospects of

and local stations

for the Internet grassroots entrepreneurship, I have been most optimistic about two directions, one is the industry station, and the other is the local station. The reason for good local stations, there are three main reasons:

first, there are more opportunities for local stations. There are more than 2000 cities above the county level in China, and most of them do not have a shaped local station. That is to say, in the local station, there are at least 2000 cakes without a master waiting for everyone to pick it up. How big are these cakes? Look at the local stations that have been successful. The local stations that have been successful, no matter how big their cities are, earn at least millions of dollars a year.

second, local stations have little competition. Because local users are relatively fixed circle, loyalty is relatively high. And once you recognize a place and play on it, it’s hard to get away. So once the local station makes scale, its competition is very small. At this point, even if someone loses money, competition will not necessarily win.

third, local station investment is small. Minimum investment, buy a domain name, a space, and then use their spare time to engage in OK.

fourth, high success rate. If a city is standing where there is no shape, then the probability of success will be very high. Basically, as long as the direction is correct, the method is proper, and it will succeed if you stick to it. Like Jiang Likun, a few years ago, he was involved in the operation and management of a local forum. This site has no webmaster, no professional people to take care of, and even their own domain names are not. But after nearly 6 years of development and precipitation, there are thousands of Posts and tens of thousands of registered members every day. You don’t think this data is very few, because our hometown is a county-level city, and the city and township and as everyone knows the mountain ditch all population in the angle of a total of only about 600000, the overall level of the northeast, the Internet is relatively backward, so the data is very beautiful. Even in the local stations throughout Liaoning, they are at the forefront. HAO123 included only 5 Liaoning local forums, including one of them.

two, the entry point of the local station,

analyzed so much, I believe that many friends are aware of the business opportunities, but not to say that these gold is easy to dig it?. Want to dig these gold, had better have two condition: first, master relevant Internet knowledge