also talk about the consequences of modifying the title of the website

my first personal home page, like many people, was free space. At that time, know that the straw man, often on his zzbulo, and later heard that sold, in zzbulo read a lot of articles, so that I have a great understanding of the network has been improved. Then I went to Admin5 and read a few articles that made 1000IP. I bought a space, a domain name, and prepared to practice it.

in the beginning of last September, there was a world of Warcraft WCG2007 game, I’ll do the special station. In accordance with conventional methods to publicity, forums, post bar, Baidu know, and so on. To the day before 10.1, IP to more than 7000, and I feel a traffic station is too easy, huh, huh?. During the national day, it happened to be the finals of WCG2007, because there were so many people concerned that my standing day IP was up to more than 110 thousand. I found in this period, I go to other stations over the copy, my second day in Baidu ranked first, third days disappear. I don’t know why so far. Because I did not know how to change the traffic into money, but unfortunately so much traffic ha.

to WCG2007, the game is over, I also put the whole station removed, re made one, but also about warcraft. Accidentally ran into a Baidu station closed period, I always adhere to the February of this year have included, included after I according to the Yahoo statistical results, within a week for 3 times the title, this change to the flow, for the first time more than one thousand to more than 3000 IP, There was no parallel in history. it. Is a leap.

then look at you that frequently change title will be K, now really a bit scared. The station has been strong until now, IP is more than 3000 per day, from Monday to the weekend gradually increased, the highest IP more than 10 thousand. I hung up, GG was only about $0.6 a day, and when I collected the money, how long would it take to pull it down?. Can not find a way to continue to develop, and sold through the Admin5 station.

the first stop, I changed my title 3 times a week without being K.

, let me talk about my second stop now. I won’t say anything. It’s so simple to change the title. I’ll change the program of the station directly. Let me show you the picture above. In order to write a "no web" of "hard text", so the picture of the URL was removed by me, and if you suspect that this map is what I did, you can leave your mailbox in the comments, and I sent you the address in the past.



see, if it’s what everybody says, my station should be K too,


second stations, continuously changed 3 procedures and content, not by K.

wrote so much that everyone should know what I’m trying to say. The site should be combined with their own conditions to do, do not parrot. For a web site without a future title, you are afraid of Baidu K>