Luan Yilai 13 sharp comments O2O to intermediary is inevitable

[Abstract] for the traditional industries, the O2O platform is a more efficient matchmaking transaction, O2O is a complete business process, and the process of the electricity supplier is to produce better trading and service experience. However, the current electricity supplier industry "O2O" into a "vicious circle" – intermediaries occupy a large amount of information and other resources – how to disintermediation, has become a focus of attention of the entire industry.

Luan Yilai, former vice president of customer, mobile innovation division head, appeared in the "madman Yibang" day before. This speech expounds his thoughts on mobile Internet and O2O, and points out the pain point of O2O trading channel and interests pattern, which is worth reading. Also, thanks for the notebook organizer Wang Qing shoes.

1. mobile Internet Era Commercial democratization is reflected in three aspects: the ongoing disintermediation – asymmetric information business model gradually end; hidden – II platform to producers and consumers in the real link; the consumer contacts into maintenance costs continue to decline.

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2.O2O are nothing more than to attract users, and then to the final conversion rate.

3. transaction channel problem is difficult to exist in traditional enterprises, it is very weak control of franchisees under the line. The problem of weak control and management is that inventory can not be unified.

4. to do O2O, the first thing to do is to break the pattern of interests. From the production of merchandise to the hands of consumers, there are a lot of benefits, wholesale is the first; in a retail store, shopping guide is second, and the market revenue is third. If you want to change this pattern of interests, so that customers to buy online, then how to join the franchisee? How to do shopping guide? How do the proceeds of the mall?


5., all of the intermediary industry, more than 85% are marketing agencies. The so-called traditional marketing agency, is set off, set off the strong ability to gather the guests sent to those hiring relationship is loose and their real service man, to provide a platform for management, it is to do all the work.

6. intermediary industry second characteristics called centralized procurement, optimize costs, such as travel agents can focus on procurement, air ticket costs are relatively low. The third is called standardized service management, all the intermediary institutions are a set of processes in the management, such as you go to the neighborhood, I love my family, and so on, you will find that there is a management process. Fourth guarantees called trading credits.

7. most of the intermediary industry is to damage the user experience of the gray income to make money.

8. life service industry compared to the actual electricity supplier or standard electricity supplier problems exist, it is better than the price.

9. all intermediaries are very inefficient, but they have taken away the industry