Grassroots webmaster, don’t be this group of people Huyou

grassroots webmaster circles suddenly emerge, some claiming to be business marketing experts, site planning and SEO class master, only two years time is over, what is the reason for the formation of


reason is very good to understand, this industry doorsill is low, can soft Wen to pack, a little interpersonal can boast, but they really practical ability? Here are several people can evaluate:

1: before planning what do XYZ company himself now boasted himself before the company’s name to cheat you


2: all day Neusoft, soft text of the west. Ask a group of friends to find a way to comment.

3: learn SEO technology had very mysterious technical difficulties is to engage in what SEO about SEO technology training


4: before, with celebrity mixed, with a lot of interpersonal relationships, known as "business marketing expert" category.

here, what people, I do not say more, known as "planning master" of their own mentality, we can also look at the webmaster often appear in the network of those so-called master! Do not tell me what the case of what. To give what business planning corporate planning, as long as these people will do, do you plan to carry out, do not say you perform well, or lack of publicity, money burning no more than others, the people who have the so-called meet the eye everywhere! Master, your own stand in where is


can put your own station out for everyone to see? Why GJJ. punk, graph king, fish that they do not say they are elite grassroots master? You are here that she is a master, I don’t know where your master is high? Practice was produced, a site not before people themselves do very diarrhea, suddenly a small company into what promotion master, I advise you still wake up, so you actually and is not what kind of bag two, I remember when techweb, a straight (see: operation is more important than the idea of the title) really do anything by empty talk is of no use.

still want to say, this kind of people you don’t want to talk. Fudge grassroots webmaster put their achievements and their station evaluation for everyone, we need some experience is real, but not every day in the above mentioned promotion hundreds of experience of the.

, don’t ask who I am, but I’m sure I’ll say to you, I must be better than you.