Baidu index on the amount of new words why delay

this time there is a About Baidu index problem is not very clear, my site every day on average from the Baidu search pass each station network the word to the amount of about 100, lower more than 70, about 140 times of high. And it’s been around for about 20 days. However, the Baidu index has been showing no index. But Baidu search box drop-down list, as well as related search, have already showed the word. I just wonder if the index hasn’t been shown yet. It’s not very clear. What’s the exact reason?.

because there is no prior encountered such a situation, so today I simply in the WeChat circle of friends to send a discussion, see other webmaster or SEO personnel have what kind of view of such a situation, did not think the day actually have 20 to SEO friends a reply. Their analysis gave me a lot of useful thinking, and I was able to find some key reasons for it, at least I think it is a fairly good reference.

specific discussions are as follows:

this month, many people search each other every day, "webmaster network" this word, do not understand, check the index did not, Seo friends under the advice of


big nostril days: Baidu index is less than 50, can not find, need accurate index, there is a way!


God of wealth replies big nostril days: index must be greater than 50 of the average more than 100 per day! There are some screenshots do not come up!


big nostril days back to God of wealth: May unstable.

soubao51: Yes, a lot of IP, if not software brush out, it is recommended to join this site Baidu statistics, ranking should come fast.

God of fortune replies soubao51: Baidu statistics has been added! If the software brush will not ask! Ha ha! Chaos brush may have long been K!


joeion:1. may be a lot of old users search the word, and the same IP trigger 2. search word after coming out, need to observe before they come out.

Mammon replies joeion: I agree with you.

H.C: when you create the word manually, the index will be updated.

Yao Jinghua:… Taobao! Somebody add it! A few bucks for


Kvov: too new.

Bao Li ‘sheep baa ~’: my understanding is not enough, the search volume level.

Soochow week teacher: give Baidu some time,

: index to meet the conditions of Shashi Desa: 1. media attention 2. submitted to the Baidu index

HuiHui: over time, not too hot, every day someone will have a search index, or brush word.

God of fortune replies HuiHui: "it’s been more than 20 days.".