Grassroots entrepreneurs know why Shanghai can not get rid of Ma, the real reason

grassroots entrepreneurs know why Shanghai can not go Ma, the real reason

I am a stranger in Shanghai grassroots entrepreneurs, the partnership with a friend to do an online billing platform, called money online (, after 2 years of development, has become the largest online booking platform China. 2 years of unknown development, has not been the government and society and the network industry recognition and support. Since 2007, soaring prices, the result is a lot of media help to smell money online networks account for the majority of white-collar workers, and a large number of reports and recommendations, to make money online network of accounting to the acceleration of the development of the form.

Shanghai as an ordinary migrant workers from the ordinary staff work in Shanghai has been around for 4 years, and today has been a truly their own entrepreneurial projects, experience the culture of Shanghai and Shanghai charm, but also felt the Shanghai its unique form of society. As an ordinary grassroots entrepreneurs, deeply appreciate the "Shanghai why not Ma"? I concluded in Shanghai foreign grassroots entrepreneurs, must also have the similar feelings


: because Ma’s so ugly

Shanghai why not Ma, the most important reason is because Ma’s so ugly, the influence of the international metropolis of Shanghai’s image, so it is difficult to find a place to live in Shanghai, 4 years ago, when I first came to Shanghai, and soil and acid soil, not only to speak, even wearing soil, as ugly as Ma more than one, when looking for a job and take the bus and go out to work, often encounter Shanghai people’s eyes and discrimination, when in some business meetings, but others refused to contact or despise. Shanghai boasts broad inclusive culture, in fact Shanghai said inclusive culture refers to the foreign garbage inclusive culture, rather than the real Chinese native foreign cultures and their discrimination against foreigners, but the poor discrimination countryman, like a beggar and the foreigner was very good. Naturally, an ugly looking person like Ma Yun can hardly be tolerated by the cosmopolitan city, and naturally there is no such thing as success in business or access to help and support.

two: do not pay attention to, just to cope with cross

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at the end of 07 years, to the Ministry of science and technology Chinese web site message, consulting for torch venture fund matters, not long after, the Ministry of science and technology Chinese people call me seriously, reply and guide my doubt, his enthusiasm and attitude really let ordinary grassroots entrepreneurs feel gratified. Compared to some of the government and offices in Shanghai, it is a sky and an underground. Today in the open Shanghai torch venture fund website, the error in many places everywhere, not open, even a website so rubbish, you said they would seriously help you do things? Why would such a waste site? Everywhere wrong? Because they don’t pay attention to the. At the end of 07, the registered company, a Jinshan Development Zone, came to see the site, because the site was relatively remote