t’s difficult to link by K station

If a site is

or K, a web site was K, I think every webmaster felt very uncomfortable, because the current Internet environment, small and medium-sized webmaster only rely on search, in addition to search or search


every K webmaster will have such experience, their station was K, told people to do the exchange links, others have been removed, while he was still wearing that silly links, actually this situation is understandable. Because now a bad friendship link will pull other people’s website, cause others to be also K,


, how do we do this? This problem is very realistic, because we have to find a way to deal with, after all, their own web site is their own efforts, even if the garbage station is also their own efforts


the following points can be used for reference:

1, and their relationship is better webmaster friend contact, hope they can help you hang your station links, the premise is that the relationship must be very good, general may others will not bird you.

2, email to some of the owners, is better to reflect their own sincerity, everyone’s goal is to win, as long as your site out, there is hope in the future, then you may pull him, instead he pull you up.

3, with its own advantages, such as by Baidu K, but the PR value is still there, use this advantage to exchange links with others.

4, remember to say in advance that their station was K, or change the link, and other people found you are K, directly remove your station, do not tell you a sound.

my station is now facing such a predicament: PR3, each included normal, but the Baidu K home page. I hope some friends are willing to help me. Here, please give me a hand! My qq:988620, my station is www.52ctf.com