10 details of improving website conversion rate

After the

traffic problem is solved, the following problem " conversion rate " appeared. This is also a lot of shopping profitable site owners headache problem, because the conversion rate is directly related to money problems.

from the point of view of website structure, content and so on:

(1) adjusts the first phrase of the headline. For the user to stimulate and influence than the other position of the phrase will be much larger in the first phrase of each bold or headline, "you see the first phrase of each title, there is no more than it can influence the phrases to impress users? Some key words in the title of the latter position can be adjusted by the phrase, the sentence expression of influential keywords in advance, which is conducive to the" shock "of users so as to improve the site conversion rate.

(2) repeats important keywords. For example, an important keyword in your title should be in different paragraphs of text repeated several times, which can not only increase the keyword density is conducive to search engine rankings, but also can stimulate the user to improve the site conversion rate. Don’t assume that your potential customers will be from A to Z every word carefully read, to assume that the user is jumping to quickly browse your article, every eye stay can only receive 25% of the amount of information, to ensure the high correlation between the keywords can pause in the user every eye can see.

(3) reduction options. In the landing pages that require users to change, the option to reduce user selectable clicks reduces user decision on content selection and reduces processes as much as possible. If you really need to provide second options, you can put it at the bottom of the page to prevent users from distracting the registration interface, so by reducing interference options to improve the site’s conversion rate

(4) · it is useful to mark key symbols. In the description of the site benefits to the user, "·" will focus on the content of the marked effect and a large section of text is very different, the text is split into several short sentences and powerful "·" mark, the effect can not be overlooked.

(5) adds vocative verbs. For example, "register right now", "click here to register quickly" and so on. It’s best to add a pithy sentence to the user before the sentence. The best way to do this is to conduct a small scale test of different advertising pages and design layouts on the land page before large-scale publicity.

from the user experience point of view:

One of

‘s measures to improve customer conversion: proof

allows more customers to buy, a seemingly simple but many websites ignore: social proof. People often because other people have bought some goods and that the goods are worth buying, so the site to increase the "selling goods" (Best Sellers) or " &> recommendation;