Attitude is positive, SEO can not go wrong

everything is of necessity and reality, its existence is only everything, big and small. To evaluate a thing, we must not merely judge from the surface and the size of things. The sparrow is small, but it is also full of five organs. So if one thing is done, we dare to say, "I succeeded.".

with the development and popularization of seo., now SEO enthusiasts more and more researchers have devoted to the construction of SEO, in which there is confusion, confused, insist, and retreat……  : so, what exactly does SEO do? Or how to face and recognize it?

personal feeling, SEO mentality is the most important, why? SEO is different from any industry in the past. It has its own particularity and development. Say it is special because SEO has a lot of concept, expanding it, we can say that it is a kind of technology, but also can be described as a tool, you can also say that it is an art, or a product, it seems that all nouns can be reflected from it body. What extends and extends with SEO must not be merely a one-sided technique or network. Everyone knows that SEO has a lower threshold,

anyone who knows a little bit of website knowledge and a few skills, makes a simple list, or makes a SEO’s most basic ranking. It shouldn’t be a problem. It seems simple and logical. But the simpler things are, the more hidden things are, the great potential behind them. Ask the advanced SEO Volkswagen, that is, by SEO do a few rankings, or with SEO site SEOER, how many people can really understand and use SEO to bring the greatest benefit. Personal feeling, SEO is like Taijiquan: seemingly misty, weak, mortal can understand, but the real Taijiquan practice, or to play to the extreme, and how many people? Nothing is softer than water, but can Dripping water wears through a stone.

, then SEO, has a lot of complicated work to do, such as updating the website, increasing the connection, registering the blog and so on……  , this series of work makes the average person look like a personal job. Is that SEO? Is that the true meaning of SEO? I can only say that this is only the most basic and indispensable job of seo. Any SEOER, even if he is the best SEO player in the country at the moment, should start with these jobs. Maybe there will be a problem, some people may disdain to do these tedious work, or can not insist on for a long time, of course, this is human nature. Also, the first entry into the SEO will think SEO, but that’s it. No, just do some extra things and write a few more original ones. There’s nothing else special.

ha ha, for this kind of person, it seems that we don’t have any reason to refute, SEO work >