s the weight of the old domain name really high

for the first time mentioned in the old domain, we can associate to the weight of the old domain name, in the webmaster consciousness, the old domain has a higher weight, so the old domain ranking will be very good, and the weight of old domain name really as legendary so high, different old domain what is the difference, is not every old domain name have high weight, with a series of problems, give you some examples to explain.

we often see someone selling old domain names, and the price is pretty expensive. Why is the domain name expensive? The only reason given by the person who sells it is that the weight of the old domain name is high. It is precisely because of this reason, many owners have to buy old domain names, trying to use the old domain name to get ranked competition advantage. There are some owners will hoard domain names, they think that a few domain names hoard up, after a few years, these domain name weight will improve, and then to do site, will get high weight.

actually, we put the old domain too the myth, the old domain name is not the legendary magical old domain, not only can bring us the weight, sometimes we bring disaster, so we should be cautious to use the old domain name. First, kept the old domain name is no weight, you buy a domain name five years ago, not for five years, and no use of the domain name, can only prove that the domain name belongs to you, the weights of the domain name and the name of the new domain is the same. Second, why some old domain names no one used, because these domain names have been dropped right, so the webmaster no longer use, and we actually put down a domain name as a baby to use.

even if there is no right to be reduced as long as the domain name, domain name is being used, the search engine will save the historical data, and these data will be retained for a long time, if it is a personal site and enterprise website, do not use the old domain name, personal site and enterprise website, the content itself is not what can not update, is a large news site, there are a lot of content updates every day. The fewer updates, the slower the search engine’s recognition of a domain name, the longer the historical data retention time, the greater the impact on the site.

I have a domain name that has been used for 09 years. It was originally a very good website, but changed several times title, changed two websites procedures again, the domain name finally destroyed in my hand, serious drop right. In 2010 I threw away the domain name, and in 2012, the domain name to be used up, unfortunately, this domain is still in the lower right, while the use of the domain name of the people do not know that this is a once was down the right of domain name, more than a year later, in 2013 this website, still no improvement, included only twenty or thirty, and no ranking.

through the above analysis, it is not difficult to find, the weight of the old domain is not high, unless it is a has been in use in the old domain, if a domain name, even if you put a lifetime, also is a new domain name, and some used old domain.