Earn enough living expenses webmaster must see how to make 1000 yuan monthly easy

New Year’s gone, I’m back. These days, my website has been suspended by the space service provider because of the excessive amount of traffic. I am preparing to change the server which does not restrict traffic.

wants to talk to you today about how to make $1000 a month.

idea is this: Ali mother’s advertising is generally based on traffic, that is, the number of day IP pricing, your traffic is large, then advertising is expensive; on the contrary, cheap. If you have a day IP10000 website, then earn 300 yuan a month is normal, you can go to Ali mother that look at the price, this is low.

, if you have 10 IP days, you won’t earn thousands of dollars?


ha ha…… Don’t worry. I know most people can’t do 10 websites. Every day is IP, but it’s not a problem for us to be creative. The specific practice is this: to buy ten space, must not limit traffic, usually free domain name. So you have ten websites?. What? You don’t have a website program?!! Damn, without you say well, I give you what. This built ten garbage sites, (remember to open advertising, this is the source of income. Ha ha)

is starting to do traffic, isn’t it,


is not difficult! Yes, I’m not saying the wrong thing, really easy.

, as you all know, embeds the site B with a framework on the A site, and the traffic to the site A is also on the site B, although the fact is that no IP has access to the site B. Put the ten garbage stations into a major business site with a frame, with a length of 0. Then, the 10 garbage sites traffic is the same, the flow is that the main site traffic.

, you are anxious, you said you didn’t the main website traffic!?? What is difficult? See Ali mother, and more, go there to buy a bit of advertising, need private contacts, can talk through hanging on your website will not account for his flow. You buy advertising, advertising by the owners sell a Oh…… Did he take advantage of it?. So you have 10000IP on your main web site. How this move the webmaster, see you try. If you can’t do it, tell me, I’ll hang it for you.

, you have ten days IP tens of thousands of websites, how profitable?! of course, Ali mother. (mom will call me) to the sale of your advertising, even a bit of advertising 200 yuan monthly, your monthly profit is 2000, excluding some upfront investment, you can easily earn a month more than 1000 yuan ha ha ha……