Local forum online promotion experience sharing

Before a few

dust management forum, do yourself a new forum recently, our county forum post, tired, suddenly want to write something and share some of their online operations and promotion experience.

enrichment of content

I think regardless of any website, if not in full on the readability of the website promotion is not very rational, website and others, the most important first impression, if you just on-line forum, forum, no content, just a bare first page, then you go to introduced to friends or online advertising promotion, it is not rational, so the most important step is to enrich the content of your forum will go to do the promotion, don’t rush, a line is busy, not worry about traffic, these are anxious not to the.

below is to say online promotion operation


1, QQ promotes

1, QQ group

group: in order to avoid others see friends recommended to add group with trumpet, of course, not just for the trumpet trumpet, need to have certain grade and year, group administrators are generally less likely to let the new number into the group, the composition of advertising is relatively large, then the data change cost information, make the best girls the beauty of the data better, this management audit is easier. Don’t join the group after a group of can send links, first and mix all the hair again is not late, occasionally under the administrator or not T you, and is the best advertising links with local, thus reducing advertising may make people feel is. Another way is to ask yourself from a method, group has two number is your own, then one asked, one answer, as for how to ask, how to answer, this does not need to introduce more! If you mouth flexible

own group: their own site, their own decisions, advertising, no one cares about you, and groups are in the name of the Forum opened, so advertising is a matter of course. Conditions permitting, suggest a member annual fee, annual fee for membership to allow senior group (LV3500), 4 senior group (LV1200), there are several common group, she still pretty can. If you use the DZ system, you can also bind your forum to QQ group, to push the message, eliminating the trouble of a mass advertising.

2, QQ mailbox

uses software to collect local people’s QQ mailboxes in bulk, and if not, collect them manually. Choose popular information about topics that everyone is interested in. E-mail is the best time for everyone in the rest of the time, from 8 to 9 o’clock in the morning, this is just to get the time, just to the company all has not entered the state, and according to the statistics and observation of most people, the first thing is to open the computer, open QQ, watch the news to see QQ space to see friends to update, will enter the working state after 9 points, the second is the noon meal time, 12.