Do 16 rules for a high quality website

affects the website in the search engine the performance many factors, as a stationmaster, or hoped that the website achieves a high quality stationmaster, should pay attention to these following factors. Good quality of the site itself, to avoid the existence of hidden sites is the basic site based search engine.

1. site links, a large part of the link is mutually beneficial. The value of reciprocal links in Google is getting smaller and smaller,

and if there are too many reciprocal links on the site, the search engine, Google, will definitely have a bad impression.

2. lacks high-quality import links. High quality external links have a high

for improving the weight and trustworthiness of your website

effect. If the site lacks high quality external links, Google may think the site lacks quality and authority.

3. most of the external links are not related to your site. Building external links in the search engine optimization process


, the relevance of links is very important.

4. has no export links. No import links affect the site rating, and the same site does not export links if the

, that’s also a problem. Imagine a closed door website how will what is the high quality of the


5. links to low quality websites. Links to low quality sites, and even some garbage sites, can seriously affect websites in

The performance in

Google may even be penalized by K.

6. most of the export links are added to the Nofollow attribute. This does not apply to blog reviews and forums, and these

should add Nofollow everywhere.


7. site lacks continuous topics. The continuity of web content is also important in google. What all talk about, what have website is sure to won’t be a high-quality goods website, and its originality rate must be very doubt very much.

8. too many pages are duplicate content. Although some people say that copy content will not affect the site keywords ranking and included, but too much repetition is certainly not a good thing. If you are using the WordPress program, you can look at my WordPress SEO to avoid the emergence of WordPress replication content.

9. too many pages lack content. A short article is bound to involve the quality of the content. Each page is a few words, the end of the content, is not a high quality website performance.

10. Title repeat. It should be noted that none of the people who notice SEO will make such a low-level mistake.

11., meta, keywords list >