Data analysis is very important to make bigger and stronger medical station

2013, the Internet on the medical station crackdown continues to strengthen, so far, medical treatment to survive is not easy. Whether it’s competition in the healthcare industry or the small station’s efforts to adjust to the internet. We can clearly find that the survival of the internet medical station is becoming more and more difficult, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. Moreover, this competition is no longer confined to the industry, the confrontation between the webmaster and the Internet itself has become increasingly prominent……

in this context, through continuous experience and exploration, I found that the medical station wants to survive, changing in the Internet, and to strengthen the fight against medical site today, to data analysis, understanding of user needs, enhance the content of the construction of the current station do her work, let the medical site bigger and stronger key.

1. Using a variety of available tools for data analysis in a timely, comprehensive, and systematic manner.

with the development of technology, at the general site in construction, the data statistics tool may be necessarily installed. However, in the construction site after the completion of the webmaster in the specific operation, how to use data tools, conscientiously carry out data analysis of the webmaster is not much, and even a lot of people don’t know how to analyze these data.

in general, for the use of data analysis, many webmasters are only looking at how many IP, PV is how much?. However, only to see the significance of these data is very small! For the use of statistical tools, we should pay attention to is: the user search word, enter the page, respondents page, user groups, bounce rate, residence time, conversion rate and so on. Only pay attention to these, do these data statistics and analysis, the site will be healthy and stable development. Especially medical sites, the analysis of these data is particularly important.

two, using data analysis results to understand user needs.

Through the

statistical tools for users to search the word, enter the page, respondents page, user groups, bounce rate, residence time, conversion rate and so on data analysis, can be a detailed understanding of their website users interested in the content, users generally more love what content, in order to truly understand the needs of users. And actively strengthen content construction, formulate measures, enhance the user conversion rate, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of the operation of the site, to obtain long-term survival.

three, strengthen content construction, grasp the transformation of users, in order to survive.

for the webmaster, you may all know the importance of data analysis, however, know how to do, and really do very few people. There are many reasons for the emergence of this situation. In many webmaster online, many webmaster in the discovery of problems, will send out inquiry post, but these questions are very mechanical answer. For example, a webmaster asked, "web site snapshot is not updated how to do", and get the answer may be "multiple original content, do high quality of the chain"……" Such >