Do not enter minefield eight webmaster website construction should avoid the minefield

construction site in the process there are always some minefields we must avoid, and these minefields are powerful, if accidentally strayed into these stationmaster minefield, are unfavorable to the website construction, promotion and operation, the construction site in the process, which must avoid the minefield of


simple classification, at least the following ten major minefields must be avoided and far away, or you will be the site of the ray of focus outside the tender.

minefield, don’t fill your pages with pictures, Java programs, Flash, music, etc.

our network environment is still in the M era, and even many Internet users are still in the K era, so our website construction should take full account of the speed problems. If the page if you add too much Flash, plug-in, or hang too many pictures, download speed is too slow, in a few minutes, do not know how much is left of the proportion of users are willing to continue to wait, so the loss of customers are also many.


page is loaded too many plugins or video images, will affect the user experience, but also is not conducive to the web page image, now the Internet has developed, tend to be more clean, clear and strong guidance ", this page to help users find the information he wanted for a short time. Baidu, Google and other sites is to comply with the generosity of the simple principle of such pages, and HP HP website is a marketing oriented strong web site.

minefield two, obsolete, featureless, never updated,

the content of a website is its soul, a website distinguishes from other websites is the content of the content, the more exclusive, the more comprehensive, the more competitive the site. If the content of a website is anti depth and breadth, and never updated, who will be interested in this site,


minefield three, follow the trend, no idea, one day, an idea, but do not adhere to!


the most important thing in the Internet today is creativity and ideas. Those who can live are the ones who can hold on to their original ideas. See some website counterparts in other website this now, that is also good, want to take over, but finally turned into a grotesque. So, a website must adhere to the original idea, do a really practical web site, you want the website can provide what practical function, it has been maintained, until the user acceptance, satisfaction.

minefield four, no user centric, effective profit model,

what is the core of a web site? What is the user’s condition? All the value of the website is created by the user. So the website profit model will be user centric, the user’s potential needs and resources are excavated, in essence, has a large number of users is the basis of all left users, market, business model, marketing, technology and so on, like castles in the air.