Five big players to compete in the mobile information market, micro-blog how to become alternative

Abstract: the essence of mobile Internet is attention economy. Whoever has the most users’ attention will have more chance of deformation.


A report recently

mobile data firm Trustdata released by China Mobile information market is the scale of growth, information applications daily coverage has increased from 53% at the beginning of this year to 60%, that is to say, more and more users start using mobile information application. Here, mobile information refers to the information which those users obtain through mobile App, and corresponding tools, applications, life service applications, financial applications, game applications, and so on.

many people say that the mobile Internet era of "information explosion", "information overload still failed to stop the more people access to information through mobile App, the core reason is that information is the people in any time just, everyone will pay attention to what is happening in the world, everyone wants to explore the world, everyone needs the spirit content consumption…

precisely because of this, the Internet is the first application of information, the portal is a representative of them. Mobile devices make people obtain information whenever and wherever possible flow, timeliness, personalization, rich media, do better than the PC era, the rise of mobile information is not surprising. Although now more and more people are paying attention to these non O2O information application, but we must not forget, it is one of the oldest Internet demand in the mobile terminal is still the killer, it constituted a huge attention economy.

five big players compete for mobile information market


mobile news client is only a narrow sense of information application, and the information mentioned in this paper and the information mentioned in the Trustdata report is to provide users with information consumption and attract the attention of users. From the data point of view, China’s most mainstream mobile information players, there are five major categories:

news application:

this is the narrow sense of the information, news is the timeliness of the information portal rise to illustrate this type of information needs is very strong, mobile era, portals have launched their own mobile client, vertical news websites and traditional media are have their own client. However, there is a game player most momentum: today’s headlines, through personalized technology to solve the problem of information overload, Tencent see this trend after the release of the daily express, Phoenix News also owns a little information. There are only three news applications to access the information application TOP20: Tencent news, today’s headlines and NetEase news.

video class applications:

PC era has Youku potatoes exist, but there is no doubt that after the rise of mobile devices, video market gradually prosperity, greatly replace the trend of traditional television. Video content is divided into many kinds, and information content is one of the important categories. People obtain a large amount of information through various video clients. Enter information >