How to improve the consultation quality of hospital website customer service


now, every industry has touched each other. I don’t know much about other places. But as far as Shanxi and Taiyuan are concerned, the most touching net is probably the medical profession. The competition in Taiyuan medical industry is becoming more and more intense. Almost all hospitals have targeted online marketing websites. Some hospitals operate independently, and each department has its own independent website. Why is everyone OCS enthusiasm so high? The first is because of the traditional media (such as newspapers, television, leaflets etc.) restricted more and more factors, competition is more and more big, the investment may not be able to get high returns, as well as effect etc.. In contrast, today’s Internet industry, is the rapid development of the stage, the network with its convenient, fast, real-time updates, low cost and other characteristics, attracted people’s infinite attention and touted.

online consulting, also known as online customer service, online negotiation, is the new generation of instant messaging system, which uses web pages as its carrier to provide convenient and quick communication for visitors. After setting up a website, a general hospital has a special online customer service consultant who is in charge of direct communication with patients visiting the website. Through online customer service professional answer, to strengthen the patient’s understanding and trust of the hospital, in order to improve the rate of hospital visits. The quality of online customer service will directly affect the success rate of booking and the actual rate of visits. However, some hospitals have not given sufficient attention to online customer service, recruitment of personnel quality is not pass, this point we can go to a number of hospital websites, click on their own consultation on the clear. So what should have the quality of online customer service? Good website customer service and consultation on the quality of the single essential! Here I summarize three web service the golden laws and precious rules.

improve the quality of hospital website customer service consulting the first is to do all aspects of Encyclopedia: treatment of disease hospital, to very familiar with various symptoms, etiology, treatment, health care and other aspects to the full range of understanding, so that the patients consulting related issues, can be perfect, professional or patients may have we doubt the online customer service. This knowledge can refer to Baidu encyclopedia. My actual experience is that if you do not understand a disease, in consultation when you can open Baidu encyclopedia, reply, if you do not understand the place, or good at any time to learn.

improve the quality of hospital website customer service consulting second is to do answer: online customer service in the consultation, the issues raised by patients, do not dodge, should try to meet the needs of customers. Online customer service and the patient is only through the exchange of text to understand the patients increased nearly, asking questions, as long as not malicious harassment, or acrimony, customer service should be given professional and accurate answer, so as to establish patients and the hospital trust, to reach a final treatment, but can refer to here. But some customer service does not do this, especially in some of the more difficult to answer, the customer often choose to ignore, for patients directly or through; some customer service, service consciousness is not strong, to.