Advance in the fog Q & A websites can you make a profit

, author: first author Wu Wei, senior product manager, worked for Sina, now works for Joseph networks, whose corporate quiz is a face to face quiz product ( Second author Bei Mei, senior product manager, currently works for Joseph networks.

I’m currently working on a question and answer website, where the main target audience is the startup group, so I start exploring the profitability of the quiz websites. The following is some of my thinking, it is to throw a brick to attract jade, hoping to communicate with colleagues.

1, as far as I know, there are no mature profit models for all types of Q & A websites (my project is no exception)

, that’s an embarrassing fact. We made a survey of our competitors ourselves. The excerpt reads as follows:


note: the above content from our observation of the site and network public data, such as the actual situation and the observation does not match, welcome to point out.

2, content web site through understanding of cattle get high quality answers, relational website through questions and answers in the form of personal relationships

why do our users come to the website to ask (answer) questions,


two goals: first, he wants to get useful answers, solve his own problems (or help people who need answers); second, he wants to know more people in this way.

if a website is the core value provided by the user is the former, we called the content sites; if it is mainly the latter we called the relational site — if the two value at the same time but also provide 55 words, we call it a bad site.

, that is to say, in the content on the website, the content is popular because of high quality, and create the content of the person’s identity, status, and gender awareness has little relation; conversely, the relationship between the value of the site is the core type of interpersonal relationship, users are more concerned about each other’s identity, income level, intimacy, and for the quality of the content is not high requirement (but not required, or very low).

therefore, a quiz website, at the beginning of the beginning of construction should be based on their own features (advantages and disadvantages, grasp the core competitiveness, resources etc.) to establish their own web site types, and for the product design of the formulation, operation strategy, and carry out in the end.

3, no matter what type of website, must face its own difficulties,

The dilemma of

related websites is that the content scale is not good. The high popularity of users, because of the strong personal charm, created regardless of the quality of the content, will be welcomed by other users, and frequent interaction. For the related website, the content of "high popularity and low nutrition", on the one hand, enhances the user relationship