Grassroots Flurry no flow, you dare streaking it


Hello, I’m a grass root brother. Here we meet again. Here, don’t want to talk to you and the grassroots brother what product concept, break line looks very professional topic, tired! Today we divergent thinking, bold YY, the amount of traffic should be the object we often YY flow, like beauty, the more plump. Well, maybe we are in the process of doing the station, traffic is the most troublesome topic. Below, grassroots brother and everyone together into a flurry of time, to discuss ways of promoting non mainstream.

clears the mind: non mainstream, swine flow,


email, Post Bar BBS promotion, soft Wen promotion and so on is the clouds are here, I believe we all tired, see some so-called professional articles all day, then you want to operate, we are in use, the results received what effect? The worst possible even 10 IP cannot be harvested, please move the shoes prepared by the toilet paper roll up. We change a way, do an alternative, perhaps can let us get better promotion effect. How to make us more offbeat and less common?.

says we have to mention the non mainstream offbeat, and those who engage in the first explosion, with a row of pierced ears, upper and lower body of the brightly coloured non mainstream youth is easy to arouse people’s attention, then almost non mainstream grassroots brother. If the non mainstream can attract more people’s attention, then whether we can also non mainstream back? In fact, as long as we are enough to attract attention, then we will get good promotion effect.

streaking? No, that’s just a way,

said, "to catch the eye, then the evil kids might think about streaking.". In fact, streaking is only one way of attracting attention. What we need is a way of drawing attention to other people’s eyes. For example, the grassroots brother in high school and a buddy with the bedroom with operating a game forum, very bitter thing is, forum, QQ group, Post Bar have played advertising, all the means of coercion are used, the results of potential users who do not want to so-called grassroots brother. The operation for half a year, a day on average only one hundred unique visitors, which makes the grassroots brother too much to handle


every day to do most things is to refresh the traffic statistics page, expecting the refresh time to statistics of several independent visitors, grassroots brother eyes nearly to the screen to shoot, refresh out before the results are almost identical. Well, grassroots brother anxious, grassroots brother really anxious. With the bedroom that man came up with an absolute killer trick: wearing underwear, wearing a red quilt, quilt in the words "big brother, I streaking, you have to face it, love to play the game to go around,". Approach is to come out, but this is really too hard, who went to the same bedroom? The dead shameless to the grassroots, brother happy, his pa was only a pair of underwear immediately, give him covered with a quilt, >