Cao Cao four ways to find original articles in your personal collection

many personal AdSense for the original article, because the web site if there is no original, will not be search engine favor. If I don’t have the ability to write it out, I’ve collected several ways to find original articles for you.

, a search to the "original" words like pig Witkey sites, many webmaster also because there is no place for the original article, to send someone to write the name of Witkey task, here we can "have been accounted for.". The task of the Witkey are generally packaged in the file, so the search engine is not search, we go to download the encrypted articles, for me.

two, to the original literature category in the QQ group for which people are generally the original literature wrote the article, QQ space to Baidu included, so the search engine is also original, can also be sent to our website. PS: more than two ways to find original, there is a problem is the relevance of content, if the downloaded articles are not related to their own web content, sent to the website certainly affect the user experience. Teach you a way that neither affects the user experience, and also makes the search engine more favored. The website building of a column, such as "scribble" so that visitors can easily send the article, the article sent to this column, also can drive the website to send their own original.

three, Google browser (the foreign website with Google browser because Google browser comes with translation station, very convenient), find the relevant articles and their own station, Google automatic translation station, the article copied down, so Baidu is the original article.

four, looking for someone to write. Before in Witkey network DOWN article, accidentally met a person, he is a college student, idle nothing in Witkey task. Look, he worked hard in Witkey for so long, and no gain, I will talk with him pay, let him help me write the relevant original articles, published in my website, open a account for him. A general article of five hundred or six hundred words, two yuan a day, five articles, ten yuan. Much better than he did in Witkey, and I got a lot of original articles at a very low price. Because of our cooperation, he gave me what he had written before and published only on his blog. So I have a lot of resources.

There are many types of

for different websites to find the original way, such as owners of such long can be monitored for weight is not too high a blog, they published the first time: the first time we reproduced, this is very friendly to the search engine. Some of the above way is a bit overcast, I’m not in the mood to hit me. This article from Cao Cao blog original link: reprint, please keep,