How to become an efficient webmaster

as a webmaster, do you have this experience: just to find the information on the Internet, but found there interesting hot news, celebrity gossip, beautiful pictures, a point of view, imperceptibly the hours went by; originally wanted to play ten minutes a game to relax, but not self-control. Time imperceptibly away; originally wanted to do something, QQ and MSN let you quiet heart to…… One day, I feel tired, but I can’t do anything. I can only push tomorrow or have to work overtime… …

if you always spend a day, you may suffer from "network distraction disease", the survey report shows that the majority of workers said they 30%~40% work time in surfing the invisible waste. Therefore, the time waste caused by the network not only reduces work efficiency, but also makes it difficult for people to concentrate on their work. Webmasters, as online workers, are more likely to be victims of Internet distraction.

is here, and you share a reduced access time, time management methods to improve work efficiency, this method can make your online time 75% compression, but also guarantee the quality of the Internet and you will not be affected.

follows the steps in using network time management:

one, on time "work",

sets a fixed daily Internet session. I usually make it in the morning. Although I’ve thought about putting it off, the point is that I’m used to it at that time. Setting up at regular intervals is very important for developing regular habits. In addition, a fixed period of time allows us to concentrate more on work and benefit from it.

According to the introduction of

network prime time time management guidelines for the management of the prime time is usually divided into internal and external prime time prime time, prime time for internal handle personal affairs, such as private mail; while the external treatment for prime time external affairs, such as dealing with people, in which the specific time depends on the specific circumstances of the individual, but you can find such a prime time through practice.

two, determine goals, prioritize

write down numbers 1 to 10 on a piece of paper and use these numbers to sort out what you’re going to do online according to their importance. For example, checking mail and browsing RSS are the most important things for me, so I put these two in 1 and 2 place. And other less important ones, I’ll put them in the back. Setting up such a list gives me a clear idea of what to do online every day and which can be done a little later.



to set up the list, the next step is to start the "seats". Put all the web sites you want to browse to in the browser’s bookmarks toolbar in the order listed, left to right, and listed in turn. This avoids every visit to a web site >