A media person’s experience why is it worth talking to an entrepreneur

technology from the media industry has been in the ascendant, however, the industry seems to have been set, the famous authors have become famous, the rising technology blog is also looking for transformation. Unfortunately, as the Internet technology spectator, I have watched for three years as a writer, while nearly two years, but due to various reasons, the real name in the public view, this is just one or two months.


missed the wind: since the media industry has been set

and several friends often say "tuyere" these two words, although in many practitioners of "tuyere theory" this concept dismissive, but the fact proved, I really missed the outlet. A friend at the gateway technology channel told me that in their internal meetings, the idea was emerging that the first batch of veteran technology blogs were "portals"". The so-called "portal" is editing self-sufficiency, and gradually get rid of the situation from the media feeds.

I’m impressed with the trend of

. Some old tech blogs are increasingly rejecting new authors, and some tech bloggers have even closed channels for opening columns. Of course, some media still do not have seniority according to seniority, have great support to new author and contain, especially a few portal science and technology column.

is not just old technology blog, so WeChat public number, today’s headlines from the media platform has entered a mature stage, and now it is difficult to early rookie and myth. 80% of the flow, resources, influence, flow to the earliest fame from the media, these media through the influence of re realization, to the team, professional operation of the road, to achieve a virtuous circle. And after the long tail group, although also produced a lot of high-quality content, but because come too late, basically difficult to have the opportunity to impact the existing pattern.

is in such a situation, although I also have more than 10 channels and columns, each article has good communication effect, but feel powerless, only a minor, difficult chengdaqi.

pleasure writing: it is difficult to easily dull spicy

after that, let’s talk about the content of the media. It is suddenly mentioned here that the content may be abrupt, but it has to be mentioned.

It’s relatively easy for

to write a title party and write some spicy and scary words to attract readers’ attention. I also have to admit that I have written more than 10 relatively dull articles before, but basically nobody cares about it. The author is really found by many platforms, but also by an article entitled "three asked Dong Mingzhu, GREE mobile phone farce how to end" laid.

the keyboard man style of writing up the reader fully and delightfully, love reading, comments the amount of data is also nice, but for doing things for the industry, but not too much influence, for the individual to enhance the understanding of industry, there is not much help.