Do webmaster to specific several basic conditions

1 technical aspects of the basic CMS will be used, such as easy to move, dedE, understand a little HTML knowledge, will use DW.

2 to have a good body to do the webmaster, often stay up until 3 in the morning is long, some things, if you do not have a good body, is not carrying the past.

3 a little SEO knowledge search engine optimization, the same, nothing more than the chain and the original, do these 2 points on the good, not recommended over SEO, a real good, Baidu is not the popular sentiment, give you the front.

4 should be interested in the station you are prepared to do. If you are not interested in your station, if you don’t have any traffic after a period of time, I don’t think you have any interest or confidence to do it,

5 to have perseverance, to learn to persist, adhere to, and then adhere to, that is, 3 years do not make money, you can endure it!


6 to stand the loneliness and scold often do not have the time to find a girlfriend or accompany girlfriend do webmaster, so no girlfriend days to endure loneliness, have a girlfriend and have no time to accompany her to go shopping, female friends will certainly scold, to endure his girlfriend’s curse.

7 learn to make friends, if you want to become bigger and stronger, can not do without the support of a friend, a fence, three piles, a hero three help, now do a network, it is difficult to stand firm on the internet. Remember, friends should be sincere, friends are the most precious resources.

8, we added

      finally ad a little station: