f winter comes, spring will be far behind

this is a very controversial winter winter, the network is not the first time around 2000-2003 experienced a winter, the emerging Internet companies down, layoffs, and even cut only less than 10 people have, but in 2004 the development of the recovery and that is the rapid acceleration to the pole.

this summer Ma a "winter" caused a great disturbance in the online portal have said their situation is very good, unlike the winter like terms of more intense direct criticism in speculation

MaNot to mention the

network in 2008, all aspects of the situation is very bad, natural calamities and man-made misfortunes continuously, this time last year or stir fry the fire, this year has dropped not in kind, as well as the influence of the global financial turmoil, Ma Yun Alibaba would feel the winter is no longer normal…

Of course

2008 the portal is not winter, their income is still growing, not to mention there will be negative income of this kind, is still not possible, but in 2008, a profound experience to the individual owners is difficult to do, especially on the advertising alliance webmaster, although little change in flow also, the server costs did not rise, but the survival of the advertising is less and less, the key is only several advertising data also super poor + super low price, with Skype said, two years ago is 1.2 yuan / installation of land registration, now 0.2 yuan / month, while the price data are far less than two years ago when the data; two years ago to see a price below 5 gross advertising will look a look, see the software bundled with other advertising can adhere to the principle of not firmly, now 1 cents / ad Are racking their brains, but also bundled with N like Baidu’s other advertising software, is he bundled software according to price of all add up to more than 1 hair, but also super bad data, almost not, unless also bound, but the binding means users into 0 eggs, in this winter day where the user is the most important, so long as to get out of the winter, did not dare…

network industry grey – copyright issues are becoming more and more obvious, of course, but also to the direction of the personal webmaster, fell in August last year, coral QQ, tomato garden down version of the system in August this year, the super rabbit version of thunder was charged and so on… Whether big fish, small fish or some big companies hype, it seems to make the cold winter worse,

station is more and more, it should be said that advertising increased depreciation and garbage station is proportional to the 2005-2006, when the mobile SP program after adjustment charges, mobile phone and movie ads customized ringing tone almost disappeared, and the original do dumpster are basically aimed at the optimization search optimization of customized ringing tone, and then on the page that is free, once the input mobile phone number will be deducted 2 yuan, during that time, the garbage (i.e. garbage station producer) turned a profit, but the mobile fee is adjusted, "