Baidu home snapshot updates slow, linked to advertising

As everyone knows the

search engine Baidu is the world’s largest Chinese, believes that many webmaster friends all depend on him, and 80% of all traffic provided by him, if that day Baidu K your home station or put down the right and so give punishment, so do stand friends will be very depressed; but many stand does not rely on Baidu that is, but for some large sites. In fact, the webmaster to do a web site, it is not easy; to be a successful webmaster is not easy. (for example, my own experience, my website was made 1 years ago, but I’ve been standing here for 5 years now, but I don’t have any success. Understand a lot of webmaster is to do some time, no confidence or no willpower, not, and I am one of them. Since 08 years I was determined to do this station, this is simple to start speaking difficult, and now finally lasted a year; this year is only the first acquisition point, but then the whole is added manually, every morning at 8 noon sometimes, looking for the latest articles, get a website a few hours. Thanks to my time or not until now most of the webmaster) the most troublesome is the server and bandwidth costs, this part of the occupied most of these stations grew up spending, (I understand that if you stand flow is not a lot, do not stand for a long time, then you are spending more than included a lot, I have a friend to rent a ordinary server 500 yuan a month, a year 6 million (except other expenses) for nearly a year income is not full, lose money to do promotion website) if I believe that many owners will not do such a choice. The reason why this site to maintain, began to hang point ads, the first hang Ali mom advertising, I heard that the impact of the site did not hang up. Many people can feel GG advertising, I also hung on the content of the home page, and now they realize that others are right, the content page hanging GG advertising seems to be no problem. (equivalent to their own under the test ha ha.) I also saw a few home page hanging GG advertising basically snapshot slow, as for a few can also.

nonsense is not to say to the point, I home some time ago did not put GG advertising is a daily snapshot, since put GG ad to the home page, check the Baidu home page disappeared, the time is not very much, it is possible that Baidu update slowly. Then a few days out of the snapshot interval from home at least 2 weeks, and I do a lot of Links said I snapshot slow, I was depressed, my original site does not appear this problem, it began to look for their own reasons, on the Internet to see GG ads and Ali mother advertising is Baidu’s rival, I think may be the cause of the site snapshot slow, home GG ads to yesterday, today suddenly check included Baidu included more page snapshot from October 15th into November 7th suddenly, halo, on the day of such a big change, not in the past two days is not normal snapshot? Do not put GG advertising page now the. Yesterday also applied for a BAIDU ad, Baidu should be no problem. Say this, write hope to Webmaster Help (this writing view personal opinion), the first time to write soft Wen, all written by yourself, write >