A webmaster monologue share your experiences and thoughts about life

I started building in 07 years, and I have 5 years of experience in building a personal website. At present, I haven’t made any great achievements, nor have I made a lot of money (but I haven’t lost money at all). Along the way, also experienced a lot of ups and downs, now more than his Jingxiaxinlai to summarize their experience and thinking of life, hope it can be helpful to novice friends.

, tell me about my years of growing up,


07 years in September, that time is the first contact with the network, I feel a lot of fun, then almost every day to play online games, but for a long time did not mean, I just go, inadvertently entered a sell jade page, glanced on a whim. How to build this station? I shouldn’t be such a


so I went every day to collect this information, buy a book to see the tutorial, finally made the first website of their own, and then buy the domain name space to hang online, promotion at that time also don’t understand the information and pictures are added every day, did not think of money, did not take long for someone Q I say I want to put ads on my website, then realize that the original site is to make money. After thinking Everfount can make money, was very pleased, sleep can laugh. But a few days I will be good times don’t last long, home, the Internet can not have pipe site, and when I came back the site open, I asked the service providers, service providers do not answer the phone, I only know that the service business failures, but I was in the program also get it back. Such a station is gone, I was angry,


08 years I will do the formalities on the outside, rented a small house, began his real career site, then also built a series of websites, such as local forum, Home Furnishing mall, clothing stores, traffic station, station, Taobao, beautiful pictures movie station, but because of the blind to do so much, not a run, optimization and operation also don’t understand when so many are finally given up. 10 years later, due to contact with the optimization and operation of this aspect of friends, with them to learn and participate in training, and find out a good set of methods. Now, let’s sum up a few years of experience,

don’t blindly do a web site,

You have to spend a lot of energy to think before

to do a website: what is the profit way of the website, the future development of the site where the advantage, competitor analysis, audience is what people (market demand analysis), what is the theme of the site, what is the management station network, website what attract users, you have no start-up capital, you can stick (the original website does not need to make a profit for several months or longer). Do not blindly follow the trend, today the people stand hot, you can do it tomorrow, and a video station, you have to do it yourself, exhausted and don’t see much benefit, but also can not be overcautious, see a suitable project, you can do good.