Start operations from scratch – content operations

this series is Zhang Liang’s "from scratch to do the operation" of the main points, essence summary.

refers to the content operation by creating, editing, organizing and displaying the contents of the site, so as to improve the Internet content of the product value, make the user adhesion, active operations have a certain role in promoting. A website or product must be filled with content, and the source, mining, organization, presentation, notification, and quality of the content have a tremendous impact on the effectiveness of the content operation.

1. Initial phase of content operations

content operations include at least four aspects: 1, content collection and creation; 2, content presentation and management; 3, content diffusion and transmission; 4, the content of the effect and evaluation.


content of the supply chain: involved in production and circulation in the process of product suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and end-users and members of the upper and lower member connected network.

In the early days of

content, the following issues must be addressed:

What does

1, website or product have (location);

2, where does it come from and who provides it (source);

3, who to see, what kind of goal (audience) to achieve,

4, how content should be organized and presented (presentation mechanism);

5, how content is screened, what is good content (content normalization),

In the early stages of

content operation, the order of solving content operation problems is:

1, content initialization, building websites and product values.

content is in the framework of content initialization: Well, in the user before entering, to fill some of the content, and these content is the core part of the initial operation site or product, these contents represent the website and product values.

content initialization problem to be solved: 1, determine the content of the supply chain framework. That is, through the system to solve the content from where, where to the process problems. 2, the establishment of the content of the face of the initial user group (seed user); 3, want to clear the first phase of content to solve the problem, and content preparation. 4, critical path combing and preparation of the initial content.

2, content operations in continuous operations

formal operation stage, content operation, can not be separated from the user after entering the boot, satisfaction, production, screening content. Some standards are: 1, content quality screening; 2, good content exposure and presentation; 3, continuous push and push mechanism; 4, the path and mechanism of self operation.

content quality screening: 1. Functional standards for product design (e.g., praise, objection, etc.)