Talk about what think of being a Taobao customer

I am a very fond of the Internet, the Internet every day, I am also a very popular Taobao, every day on, in Taobao for a long time, always see mom in Taobao customer in Taobao ads. It was also called Taobao, but from there I knew that the Taobao could make money, and that I wanted to see it. I loved making money online.

so far, I have never really sense to make money, but my guest account has dozens of pieces of money coming in, and now, the reason is when I buy things often through the Taobao customer purchase link to the past, I called: "buy things, let my mother take us to bargain!"

until now, I still don’t understand Taobao customers much:

1, Taobao customers are still limited in the scope of online shopping. I always thought that Taobao will be easier to understand customer success in Taobao online shopping circle, that do not understand Taobao, even a lot of shopping, I know that the remittance bought directly, or cash on delivery, because do not understand well, is recommended to understand Taobao, but this way there will be a understand the problem, Taobao also will soon understand Taobao customers, like me, knowing that something good, I want to buy, I use my own Amoy link, you recommended to me, but I really use my own money Amoy, alas, think bad enough, but now is the economic crisis. Can the province for their own Province.

2, Amoy had a real sense of their own talent stage. I saw mom in Taobao partner week billboard called Amoy website, these websites like Taobao, but that is what we are afraid of online shopping scams, fake Taobao we have seen many events, we are very afraid, my colleagues have experienced, I have the intense participation in the remedy to the problem. So, how can we believe the station, at the same time, we believe that when the station, we know that Taobao is off, Taobao would like customers know white, right.


says it first two points, in short, I think Taobao customer difficulty is not unilateral efforts "to do such a big platform, I think is not a joke, in the operating mode to think of a way, otherwise it’s hard to do such a large online shopping space, such a large potential marketing business I do not believe, just to earn some pocket money.

dear brothers and sisters, grandma gave us to display space, you are now up to a month to earn much money? Only personal point of no other meaning, I hope you will support my station now Baidu big update, you go to their

watch it!

finally want to thank ADMIN5 in this give me a published platform, without A5, I do not have this good article! Ha ha! I wish you all a happy