Throw out the big truth, the 6 skills of efficient operation

needless to say, do not want to become operating large coffee operation is not good operation. Ideal to have skill, but also to some, or you have a black face was depressed on tenterhooks every day. Share efficient operation of the 6 skills, I hope to give small partners bring a little inspiration.

one, based on the current, parallel, effective method is the best methodology

operator is a slow business, not a few methodological and operational models, read several articles to do, how to do marketing activities, how to write articles, do community articles can get started quickly.

reality always read so many operations, dry goods still do not run well! Because of the different product forms, different backgrounds, different types, different users, different stages, different resources, different competitive environment, team ability is different, there is no complete copy can be also equally effective method. Can only say that we should be based on the positioning of their products, the introduction of the target users, and to provide users love the way to meet their needs, and then through the user interested in activities to stimulate active, thus allowing users to accept and pay habits. As long as each step is based on the present, it is the best methodology to make yourself satisfied, to satisfy the relevant objects, and to maximize efficiency.

two, do a good job of each ring (fine) section of the execution

every job link, you can ask yourself constantly, can you do better? Is there a more effective way? Does the user have a sense of pleasure? Can such copywriting stimulate spontaneous sharing? If you do, you don’t need me to talk.

details do good is not need a reason, this is our duty, if you do not want to do it that is a lot of reasons, but also with anger and grievances grievances flying, Biequ (ha ha, don’t call me, I don’t play I’m not out).

Speak Lei brother

"sense of participation" of the conference PPT to hundreds of times, every word must be good carefully, each P page designers are thoroughly tempered. If we put the spirit of work, always take care of to the user’s mood, really surprise to the user, it can let the user moved to not timely; analysis of different design brings a sense of flow effect in different user groups to deliver targeted advertising, can really enhance the effect of drainage several times; pay attention to activities performed don’t let the loopholes in the bad results spread, can really effect than expected.

three, efficiency consciousness, effect consciousness,

do not know to have friends like me, members equipped with not very homogeneous, resources is limited, the boss again expect quick profits, work contents are complex, and I have no less than six jobs, but also as a problem of firefighters. So many and miscellaneous jobs, not efficient management, it really is a chicken feather (making money selling cabbage, selling white powder heart)?.

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