Spring Orange mature sites have to go through four stages

when the network fetters more and more, uncertainty factors head-on attack. The site seems to have become a high-risk industry, may you work hard for a year, suddenly one day, your server is pulled out of the cable, make you a year to become lost. In this environment, in addition to calm, but also learn to be optimistic, there is a saying that good, life is like a QJ, unable to resist, you only…. Oh, well, spring… Orange summarizes the four stages of a mature website must pass, is to share the web station friends.

creates a mature website that must go through four stages:

survival (Survive)

fame (Developing)

epistasis (Famous)

independent (Independent)

The time required for the conversion between the

phases is not necessarily due to the ease of being human.

first stage: survival (Survive) this is the birth of the new website, when the site was born, you have to admit that Baidu, Google is currently the network world leader, according to their preferences, for your site name, job title, keyword, hang tags, according to their the rules to design a website, make the website a birth will receive their love, can let the site survive in the network. Only the gentleman saves, has played the capital which continues, can talk about the development.

second stages: Fame (Developing), when the site survives, then you need to consider the network of rivers and lakes, rising name million, this is the most difficult stage. SEO optimization, friend chain exchange, soft Wen promotion, long time and tough, is mental, endurance, toughness test, many friends in this station fell down…..

The third stage: the

(Famous) through the second stage, your site strength continue to improve, not to be recognized by Internet users by the search engine’s favor, your ranking is not enhanced, flowers and applause, IP and PV will surround you…, you busy and happy…

…The fourth stage: independent

(Independent) at this time, you have a new definition of success, you know, rely on search to bring success, not so strong, so the heart of search is elusive, you need to be independent, to establish their own brand, have their own fans. You continue to search and good relations, on one hand to build the core competitiveness of their own,… One day, you don’t have to try to figure out the search of the mind, you have your own fans, have their own territory. You dream of……, like Apple Corp, were fans of the cult, even if the product mistakes, still love plus, this has gone beyond the brand, has become a kind of faith! When we do not need Zhang Wu of the mung bean.