Web user experience how to create a natural decision-making experience

WeChat Zhang Xiaolong’s user experience quiz: the goal for the user experience is to be natural.

before we discuss the user experience, many of them stay in the interaction / interface, such as this one to Google (Xi*2) to create smart web experience, of course, these are professional products / designer to consider things, many websites behind the exquisite design, still feel the lack of some "flavor" of

today found a mobile shopping guide website T online, focusing on the "shopping guide" service, positioning is a social shopping guide platform. Mobile phone shopping is a low frequency of bulk consumption, users will make a lot of early research before making decisions.


out of the problem is, how we are planing to details in the decision-making process up joint behavior and user behavior, the formation of natural user experience, because of the review site, the purpose is to help the user to produce the most reasonable behavior (consumption) decision.

, we draw a complete user decision process:


generates demand in many ways, such as the following three cases:

is the user who comes directly to our website and tries to solve a problem,

was attracted by his friend’s recommendation (to share on micro-blog),

, look at our ads / publicity. Come over and have a look at

for first cases, the user is in the decision-making phase, in second cases, the user is in the production of demand or decision-making stage, in third cases, the user is in the stage of generating demand

Of course

the actual situation more complex than this, for example, only that, users are with a different purpose, we do not require all users to come in at a decision point

the first stage, which requires the user experience

, a clear and easy to understand website navigation


T guest online column division is to fit the user’s decision-making process, part of the column news and home is the needs of the user, the home is the abstract of each channel, news channel, we can see more information / evaluation allows users to generate demand, guide is to help users generate decision, the community is to help users customer service / use, taking into account some help user decision.

The name of the

column is clear and easy to understand, such as shopping, news, community, users can easily understand what is this channel, and pick out the recommended mobile phone ", and many important positions in the website do recommend, this section is the focus of the web site. This actually gives us an inspiration, whether it is channel naming, or merchant classification, are as clear as possible, easy to understand,

two, transition to user decision >