SNS social networking sites look at users with a growing eye

did not know when social networking sites became popular on the internet. Some time ago, overnight Facebook from abroad to the happy network, social networking sites, "pear blossoms". But the news has recently come out again, and social networking has reached an inflection point. Is social networking worth it?

station news network "casual dating website market growth slow lose interest is the first", "the social network of high-speed development of the network crime in the spread of Facebook, as well as some time ago for" happy net "anti loserunion", it seems that a lot of news are based on the social networking site. Although social networking sites such as Kaixin and com have a lot of traffic, they don’t have a clear profit model, and many even question whether social networking feeds itself on advertising. What are the prospects for social networking sites,


first of all, the real name system of social networking issues will eventually affect the development of the site.

SNS social networking site ‘massive’ circle of friends has become a secret ring, the survey shows that currently in the global booming Facebook and other SNS social networking sites, has become a new channel for users to disclose personal information. Since social networking encourages real name systems, many users submit their detailed and truthful information to the site, which provides hackers with the opportunity. Social networking sites have a lot of users’ real data, and once these information is mastered by hackers, users will suffer great losses. The registration requirements of social networking sites will let users have more concerns, social networking sites will not be so fun.

secondly, there is a single information problem in social networking sites, it is difficult to retain users.

‘s loss of interest in social networking is the primary reason why users leave the site. For stereotyped games, it’s hard to keep users warm. I have a long time enthusiastic about QQ alumni, also had a passion for parking time berserk. But for a long time, it makes no sense. A single game project can not retain users, provide more games, and solve the "aesthetic fatigue" problem is the key. Social networking sites must constantly tap and develop new products and services to meet the needs of differentiated users in order to retain users.

again, there’s a lot of time consuming social networking sites.

One of the goals of

social networking is to retain users and allow users to stay longer on the site. However, as a user, there may be a lot of time on the website when you first enter social networking sites. For a long time, it will inevitably affect the work, and it is not easy to retain users for a long time. What’s more, the rich virtual assets on social networking sites don’t really mean anything for the user. Users spend time on social networking sites, enjoying temporary entertainment, but without real returns. If after the social networking site profit model is clear, and realize substantial profit, and can give the user a "cash out" service, believe will retain more users. When the user’s virtual assets are accumulated to a certain extent >