Station construction for several years — on the steps of building local characteristic websites

I site of Zhanjiang forum has been on the line, although it is not very good, but I nearly a month of careful planning out, feelings of excitement, just want to come here and share my joy, and the establishment of the experience. If there is wrong, please point out my friends, my QQ is 9424106, I do PHP origin, welcome webmaster mutual exchanges and cooperation, can add my QQ, I can also go to the site of the station area post.

has been on the Internet for so many years. All the time so many people, many of my former friends have made money and become famous. I don’t lose them in terms of technology and creativity. The key is that I am too impetuous.

hao123 Li Xingping, met him when I was a sophomore, that time is just contact with the network, then we do web site, are used in free space and two level domain name, then hung up the space, also didn’t do. He has hung up several times, but has been doing it all the time. I was later used as a community, then began to appear in foreign dynamic free space, free of domestic interest lost me, began to pay attention to foreign space, then opened a community, there are more than 2K ip.

want to know at that time what is the concept of 2kip, but not now this garbage flow ratio, later graduated, busy work, it is not convenient to know the Internet, after two years, refusing to swim fish still do forum.

One day

for two years, suddenly he heard Li Xingping used his web site in exchange for 10 million yuan and 40 thousand shares of Baidu original stock, refused to do the fish swimming forum has become the first domestic webmaster forum, the notes are also rushing into the pockets of fish.

, and I was seriously stimulated to rekindle the flames of entrepreneurship, I also bought an international domain name as a community, worry free home, unfortunately, the time has reached 2006, the forum has been everywhere. With my love of technology and conquering spirit, and many webmaster knew before, soon on the Forum on IP 2K, but then the profit model is not clear, and then again because of work can not access, wait a few months back, the domain name is lost, think of is really distressed. |

and I created second forum, a discussion of QQ related information, space code, music, skin, QQ number, I used the propaganda, recommended members to send QQ sun, Sun Jian group sent the moderator, a series of methods such as quickly to the IP forum for thousands of advertising revenue, at around one thousand yuan per month, after half a year, a bite to buy a server, is preparing to go. Unfortunately, I caught up with the country’s record tide, and, unfortunately, I made fish that landed on the tide. No way, and so on everything, the forum has been left without the slightest vitality. So far, the domain name is still in my hand, you don’t have to look at, not just the same station, renew, souvenir. Perhaps one day, whim, perhaps also use it as a station.