Looking for a fire in the nternet in winter

looking for a fire in the winter network

today, a reporter MM chatted with me and asked me if the Internet was coming in winter. I was afraid. Why should I be afraid? She said that the chain of funds for SMEs could not keep up with them, which would lead to big trouble. What she said was scary.

winter to winter, still winter sun, so as grassroots entrepreneurs, as Internet start-ups owners, the company was founded, it suffered cyber attacks and suffered winter, Chinese economic recession, inflation and other environmental impact. So I Born Under A Bad Sign, but did not care, because I believe that the network still has the winter sun, but the sun is not shining everywhere, but need to find in the winter sun.

want to have a good winter, we must first have enough preparation, preparation, preparation for what? We like these grassroots entrepreneurs, no money, no resources to resources, then what? I think for chance, for what chance? Because after the winter, is certainly the arrival of spring, when spring, there must be many new opportunities, so we have to start in the winter, to seize these opportunities.

winter has not yet ready, also must not let themselves die in the winter, if winter did not pass, so even if there is a spring, can not see, in the economic downturn, inflation and many other winter network pressure is small, through how to secure winter? Consider from the grassroots entrepreneurs point of view, the best way is to find the sun in winter. I was lucky to find the sun in winter, so afraid of winter, why? I said project operation is the focus on money online, online accounting software, which belongs to SAAS. Chinese because of soaring prices, the economic downturn, inflation and other reasons, so more and more people begin to charge, the development of natural money online is an explosive growth, not shrinking phenomenon, although it is now a network of winter, but for me, really spring day, because the winter is cold, winter is long. Is the most beneficial for me. As long as we can find the sun in winter, we are not afraid of winter.

then how to find the fire in winter? I was lucky, began operating money online 2 years ago, so before the winter comes, has made ready to spend the winter. The company has not found the sun in winter, is the most critical, how to find the winter sun in winter, who do not know how long, how much money is spent so cold, lack of protection of their safe. The best way to look for the sun in winter is to see how your projects and products help the target customer spend the winter better. Just look for it in this way, and you’ll find it.

hope that the network in winter, everyone has been comfortable, can adhere to the advent of the network of spring.

grassroots Entrepreneur: Tian Keshan, http://s.jomocn.blog.sohu.>