Don’t let your website operation user experience the seven year itch

for most of the webmaster friends is certainly no stranger to happy net, at the end of the day to the farm to steal food, grab a parking space, parking lot and so on in the past some friends trading by the webmaster’s favorite, almost all the staff of an account. Some people even play obsessions, wondering how to steal food every day, up in the depth of night to steal food, gold grade and soaring in the virtual world by more and more people are entering the web game.

however, the same game day in and day out eventually enemy nevertheless netizens Xixinyanjiu, steal a few fruits and vegetables are also less fun, netizens started not so crazy in this game, many people even began to sell their farm account. Prior to the NetEase network has read relevant news, "a large number of players selling happy network account has sold 80 thousand yuan maximum", more and more people began to no longer favor these simple and interesting web games. As a webmaster we can also see a site operation from the lesson, that is your site to be fresh, don’t let your visitors have the "seven year itch".

is generally used to describe our seven year itch after a pair of lovers love to become husband and wife, because of the pressure of life and life lead to immutable and frozen fresh loss, the couple will be the seven year itch, eventually led to the end of your marriage. For our site for our relationship with visitors is like a couple, whenever a new type of site, if visitors will meet the needs of visitors to our site and have love, but if our website is immutable and frozen, not fresh, so visitors love is gradually cooling, the final "the seven year itch". The happy network mentioned above is a good example. So how do we as a webmaster in the operation with fresh retain users? Don’t let visitors have


continues to introduce new programs, new content, and retain visitors.


happy network will gradually be forgotten by visitors? Why is the user has the same stealing food stealing fruit, the sale of friends and tired of playing, we must know the characteristics of Internet users is love. If happy net does not have the game edition that accords with user taste in time or upgrade, can replace new game, it is difficult to arouse the curiosity of the user again, maintain new sense. Although happy net has obtained large number of users with happy farm, if do not have new project ceaselessly, new content, the user can be bored because of, abandon website. This site in operation, to retain customers, our site is the need for visitors needs continue to launch new projects, new content, and continuously meet the new demands of visitors, unchanged in the basic route of website operation, keep updating and innovation.

feedback our visitors, let visitors really get.

as a webmaster, we also need to study the psychology of our visitors, we know that the psychology of visitors, almost no visitors will refuse the benefits, petty psychology in every visitor