A small webmaster site experience

I started contacting the website in the second half of 2006.

is the beginning of the static page with "the Three Musketeers, now want to feel a bit funny, because want to join the message function in the website, will use online free guestbook, didn’t even know what ASP, PHP what, also don’t know how CMS station program, the content is after the completed template in DW page added, not to mention how tired a lot of trouble. At that time I was wondering how the big websites like NetEase and Sina were made.

did not go to buy space, it has been looking for free space, the beginning of the use of free space in the Internet, only 100M, very good, but unfortunately is a static space. At that time, a number of online download code up, but it can not run, so it was learned that there are static space, ASP, PHP and other functional categories, and therefore only to explore the ASP program.

the craziest thing at that time was to find free room every day at work. Because it was purely fun and interesting, I didn’t want to make any money at all, so I didn’t want to invest anything in the past. During this time, I used countless free space, also countless FTP. Because the free space is unstable, maybe one day, so every day FTP once, download the data to this machine.

until know the laggards, station and some other well-known websites, just know the GG, Baidu, Ali and other advertising, some expert said today how much total income $inside, say I am jealous. So, finally decided to buy a room to make a stand in earnest.

at this time, the site how to locate and do what content again in front of. Because before also done many kinds of stations, what download ah, joke, free resources ah have done, but because at that time is not sure, the results did not adhere to one. So, "focus and adhere to the" webmaster heroes said, I am very agree, don’t expect your website on-line can reach the number of IP, if you’re not ready to spend money on advertising, buy traffic, steadfast, persevere do stand is the right path.

as for those cattle, what people say about VC, commercialization, I think it’s too far away from me. I just want users to get into my website and have some attraction to them, or find something useful to them and get them to visit the second time, and I’m satisfied. A lot of stationmaster say, do a station to want fractionize, cannot too big, and make like a portal, same, I agree with this kind of statement, but I also have a bit of view. Now many netizens, said to be more than 200000000, I think most users are just looking for some popular things, the Internet is to relax, only a few users to search for professional and technical knowledge and expertise of this one, but I must be doing those big station. This is self-knowledge. So, I’ve done two stops now, and one is >