An article, all clear product pain point, itching point, selling point in the end what is it!

marketing, in the end on what to open,


has been in the field of marketing, there are three key words can be described as enduring, and marketers from all walks of life as well as business experts are in support of these three words, platform.

these three words are: pain points, itching points, selling points (excitement).

in fact, these three words are not only the motivation of all marketing, but also the basic driving point of all business and all products. If the core value of your product does not point to any one of the words, to be truly successful in business, then you think, only flower in the mirror, see the water, but you can’t touch, there is no real significance


what’s the point of pain,


as the name implies, tangled and complain about problems, pain point is that the user encountered in normal life, if it is not resolved, he would be uncomfortable, he will be very painful. Therefore, he needs to find a solution to resolve this problem urgently, untie the knot, smooth the complaint to reach his normal life.

such as: fire is not a problem? Have a hobby group pot spicy delicacy enthusiasts, probably because of fear of fire caused not dare to eat, it will affect his appetite, affect his normal life required. Therefore, Wang Laoji discovered the problem, then Ming Shun proposed to tell consumers: "I can help you solve the problem, so she won a


: such as stomach, gastric acid, bloating, is not a problem to be solved? If the stomach has a problem, you can smile? You can normal life? Can you work? You can only face pain! Therefore, you need to solve this problem: "stomach pain, bloating, stomach acid. With


unfortunately, later, the company, so efficient and powerful advertising language changed to: "conscience medicine, assured drugs", and then slowly fade out of the consumer’s cognitive field of vision. Because this sentence is not directed at consumers, that is, there is no direct consumer pain point


: I have a client for elderly health industry in Chengdu, they found that the elderly in the treatment of chronic disease, more and more tired of taking medicine, in order to solve this problem, they do medical products is the flagship of the intelligent acupuncture "concept. Its brand advertising language is called: "slow disease, afraid to take medicine, come to grain sparse hall."". It is so direct, 3000 yuan a year physiotherapy card, eighteen thousand yuan a device can also sell fast, just because they solve the elderly in the treatment on the biggest complaint


: why can the 360 security guards into the field of Internet Security big boss? Not only because of his free profit model, but the key reason is that he is a clear solution and maintain "computer security" problem. One "security" is better than N antivirus! "