Do stand for a long time to do keywords, finally moved yourself

always feels that doing a station for a long time makes a fool of himself. Cross stitch city many words, just for SEO, ten for the word machine, without any emotion, only when it brings me countless IP, countless traffic for more or less the oceans have, since hi mean.

snowstorm occurred, the "snow disaster" into the keywords.

the Olympic Games have come and made the Olympic Games the key words.

earthquake 0. It happened. I cried.

has been in the government for a long time, and there’s always no leader at all.

we have a celebrity, is a national model worker, his story touched many people, many people say the tears, but I never, I know, and his famous local publicity, have a great relationship and behavior of local government, although he did something, but in his report too Xuan Yang tiger the.

I always think the government is crazy.

Prime Minister moved me.

, especially when I saw him carrying one of the missing shoes in one picture, my eyes were wet. My colleagues are in, they say I’m not? At that time could not have a feeling, I said, my father and the prime minister should be almost, this is the age of life, but also work for the motherland. The site was estimated to be 0 earthquake. How many days did he sleep well?. The old man is tired.

in the past, said some leaders, including our problems, some people will say something more or less sarcastic, but this time no one.


0 earthquake. I also made donations, in the past we also often organize donations, but never like this, especially active money to donate, before is to donate less, or do not take cash, are paid, the use of cash, quickly donated money, and the unit according to the number of donations statistics, reporting, cash transfer.

Olympic Games, the earth 0 earthquake, let us Chinese children know more unity.

Olympic Games and the earth 0 earthquake, let me move again and again.

said some website operators and has nothing to do, but to see the earthquake. 0, Baidu, Tencent and other stations have donated money, feel the real network back to the real life.

cross stitch city station tired, go to the Baidu Post Bar 0 earthquake, Wenchuan. Go to see it, even if the top is stuck or.