Dai Renguang how to successfully go out of small and medium-sized personal website

I think the site is a very wonderful thing, because this way and the traditional line of business is different, I can also bring fresh, but the site must successfully go out to go out, this does not necessarily mean you have much traffic, but the real number of users know your website, if say you don’t know your site flow value you will be greatly discounted.

said although my website has not been successful, but thankfully, my site in a step by step to go out, have a lot of friends know, there are a lot of people on the outside or super station platform will talk the super station. Although the website to make traffic flow is very important, but just a basic website success going out is we really pay attention to, or even if the site is very fat, just puffiness only, a lot of good business model can not successfully grafted. When it comes to go out, but also the image of the website is to gain user acceptance, form their own brand, when you think of a problem, your site can be flashed from the user’s mind so that your site has occupied a space for one person in the eyes of users. Today, let’s talk about a website that wants to go out. What kind of effort should we make?.

1: most taboo big web site, small service

We should advocate the

service website, but most small, small and medium-sized site has been doing small things big website service, simply put, is the site of the depth is not enough, the theme is too broad, the content of a block of pile up, but for users, into such a site, do not know the from there, but because the site more to some of the details of the deal is not fine, such as pictures of serious deformation and other details, finally will cause the users do not know what can be obtained from this site, so the user will not be able to form a brand in the minds of the site, so the site should be fine, take a one or two small demand. Then increase the depth of the service features bigger, service small websites, so that users can be attracted to this depth of service, When meet this demand, can be the first time to think of the site, site to form their own brand, so many a day just update an article of the blog can do more than one hundred days to update the article website success.

2: talk to the user and move up to the user

users browse the site, can get what they need, but the next time may not be able to recall this website, so and users must engage in dialogue, what time now is the era of social media?! the website and the user does not need to carry on a conversation, but we must ensure that in the website user exposure, so that the user can feel the original site behind there is a large group of living, every day for their service, so social media is the best tool to build blog, micro-blog, shopping on the altar. Do the ubiquitous figure, this is also a lot of friends to my evaluation, said that there can see "Dai >."