A security experience in the nternet

how does a security man make 500 on the Internet? Tell me about my experience and hope to communicate with you!


my experiences and you may not be the same, although I did not experience what is worth learning, but I want to share it with you, remember that because I am the only primary school sour, sweet, bitter, hot, so the organization culture, language ability is limited, please don’t too harsh.

my degree is not high, just graduated from high school, later joining the army, retired after 2001 to go out to work, and has worked as a clerk, salesman and security, is also in 2002 as a security guard, and the day idle poor, one day a colleague took me to the Internet, I have never before contact with computer, do not know what, with novelty and fun attitude to go, he taught me to play QQ, just apply for a number (the number is still used to send a message to), because I don’t know what is Chinese Pinyin typing, typing speed is very slow and I did not talk to others, because I computer novelty, watching others check things, I also began to surf, accidentally met YAHOO, at the same time for an e-mail, some editing function is the mailbox has aroused my interest, I Later learned that this is the editor of HTML, after a period of time do not know what the website for a free homepage, just know that I understand the YAHOO mailbox that came in handy, the first page is just one page, and then later found 51. NET also applied for a free web page, did the first thing to be a station, and at the same time know 3721, learned from the Internet can still make money, began to desperately looking for content rich own home page.

                I remember the first day of the first 3721 search I checked, is made 0.02, the mood is very excited, so full to do, and for a job, not because of what is security. This time my website to earn 0. 5, there was an accident later, because my present girlfriend had worked with the security guard and lost her job and had not been able to find a job. Irritable mood often online, as also to 2003 after the first half of the year, during this period to understand the importance of some key words, and received on the Internet to earn the first money 102, the mood was very happy, because my station is free, but the PR value is 5 (I do not know the importance of a lot of PR) large sites come to be connected, and my website traffic rose to 4000, the daily income is 10 yuan, I was very excited, desperately familiar with key words to do all kinds of web pages in the online collection of all free space, only one page, the page is full of a large number of keywords, page the interconnection and all free space and in 51. NET’s free space connects all of its pages, and a month later, the pages are all G>