Four basic elements of classified information website success

one, good page user experience. Pages do not seek gorgeous, but good chaos. Now all browsers have, only IE browser has 6, 7, 8, although IE6 users more, but IE7, IE8 users are also many, as well as firfox, TT and so on. Therefore, the site should try to do all kinds of browser compatibility, otherwise it will lose some customers. If we were users, browsing websites, and finding websites confused, would you continue to browse?. Anyway, I won’t, and will turn it off right away.

two, quasi target groups. Target groups are users who go back to your website and users who need to post information on your site. The size of the target group determines whether the site will be successful or not. At present, in relatively developed and densely populated small cities, we can try to build. But for a relatively small population, economic lag in the small, I think the time is not very mature. I have had the experience of failure, the site will not put up, lest you. I think the most appropriate is the construction of city level (three cities) classification information website. The big city has been completely preempted and it is difficult to squeeze into the front seat again. Although prefecture level cities also have many classified information websites, most of them are still immature except for 58, go to market and some other national types. As long as we make a little effort, we can catch up with them.

three, select the keywords. Keyword selection is also a very important part. You can find a keyword analysis tool, enter the local name, such as the Chengde information port (, I will enter Chengde, to find relevant keywords, one of the most front is not related to the classification of information, and classified information on the Chengde recruitment network, Chengde talent network, Chengde rent, I put the words as the top keywords, but also to the site title keywords before, I like: Chengde – Chengde – Chengde talent recruitment rental Chengde information port.

four, select the domain name. The domain name should be easy to remember, not too long, not uncommon. Although the good domain names are almost all registered now, we can still expand and select them carefully. You can use all the numbers and you can use the local names as long as they are simple. My domain name 03143650314 is our Chengde area code, and 365 represents life, everyone knows.

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