Come from free, miss 8u8

8u8, once a loud name., the city of Shenzhen continuous development network limited, vulgar name, build a platform for the development of early China webmaster. Since 2000, 8u8 has provided personal homepage services. Its personal homepage is not large, but it has more than one million users.

8u8’s CEO victory has an interesting English Name: AllWin. 8u8 is just one of dozens of domains bought 2000 ago. The company also has provided continuous development website statistics, advertising exchange (rich Yankees website), was a smash hit "unified Taiwan countdown forum website, and (domain name promotion management station) and so on. The site name is not only easy to remember. And a more catchy, full-bodied local flavor.

8u8 first introduced the second generation of free personal home page, "three minutes online" to complete personal home page has become a lot of other companies crazy fashion concept;’s success also brings a "365" upsurge……


…… In this article, with the largest 8u8 in later years because the ellipsis from the Internet, netizens disappeared from sight.

remembers one day when he logged in to 8u8, the website announced that the server had been taken away by others, and that the open time was waiting for notification……

because of this platform, many people have made fortunes from the Internet and changed their fate.

8u8 shutdown, so many webmaster and Internet users want a lot of problems.

to now, 8u8 by Microsoft Hotmail platform provides mailbox service, once loyal Internet users, also can only now in the simple mailbox application page, recalled the past……

, let’s look at the memory of Internet users,


network ends: open virtual spaces and free and famous websites that have changed the fortunes of many people

night and: I now have more than 20 year old university for several years, remember to use 8U8 when the only primary school in Grade 6, I through the 8U8 to do a website template, now it still miss the yellow background

ziyang10: since the beginning of 01 years with 8U8, hey, unfortunately, if 8U8 and Y365 are still charging, I will also support the also registered a lot. He changed me, and a lot of people. In the past, the friends who did the site now specialize in writing programs. I work in the Internet company,